Custom web development services for your business

  • Dynamic, interactive websites
  • Fast, secure, and powerful web services/APIs
  • Desktop programs
  • Process automation
  • Database applications + reporting
  • Tools to help other systems share information

I'm an independent software developer with several years of experience and many programming languages at my disposal. I can build (or improve) custom applications for your business that save you time and money.

Using a variety of open source tools, I provide my clients with cost-effective, powerful, and secure finished products. I'm also proficient with several commercial frameworks and libraries if your needs are more specific.

I routinely work with systems that involve sensitive information, including management of financial assets, customer records, and processing digital transactions. I treat the confidentiality and security of my clients' data with the utmost respect, and use industrial-strength technology to protect their information.

My goal with any project is to reduce burden on human beings by allowing computers to handle as much of their "grunt" work as possible. If you feel that some aspect of your business could benefit from automation, I'll work with you to build a high quality, efficient solution that expedites your process and lets you focus on what really matters to your bottom line.

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